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Peña's offers the best donuts, kolaches, coffee, breakfast and brunch in the Houston and Pearland area.

Being from the Houston area, our menu reflects the wonderful people and culture that surrounds us.

​From family recipes to area favorites, our eclectic menu features classic diner breakfast and lunch favorites blended with our famous donuts and kolaches. We also have our unique guest favorites like our Migas, Brisket Kolaches, and Chicken and Waffles.


Phone: 832-831-9630
Hours: Monday - Saturday 6am - 2pm

Sunday: 7am - 2pm


Peña's Donuts & Diner

10555 Pearland Pkwy, Ste A1

Houston, TX 77089


Summer is here! We are open daily until 2:00 pm and serve breakfast until closing time. New items and specials are coming soon.

We also have ICED COFFEES to help you cool off from that Summer heat and humidity. It goes perfect with any donut or kolache.

As a reminder, we have 50% OFF DONUTS and KOLACHES, Monday through Friday starting at noon.

Thank you for all your support. We are around to be part of this community!

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